Kids Love Cheese

Want a bite? This kid sure does. 

Want a bite? This kid sure does. 

We may be biased but we've noticed lots of happy kids at our farmers' market tables lately. And we know why. Kids love cheese! We see the young and bold going for Pirate Spread, hesitant hands stretching towards a taste of mozzarella, turbo-powered grade schoolers begging for Atwells Gold and all ages and palates asking for that delicious Tuscan-style yogurt. 

Since we have many pint-sized taste testers of our own, we're not surprised by such eagerness. But it does make us happy to know kids are eating nutritious, naturally-made, hormone-free foods instead drinking soda and eating candy. 

Do you have a story or photo to share of your 

cheese-eating kid?

We're gathering stories and photos for a farmers' market "My Kid Loves Cheese" scrap book. If your story or photo gets included in the book, we'll give you a free piece of cheese. Share with us on Facebook or through the Contact link above. Entries must be received by September 30th, 2013 and there is no guarantee an entry will be included.