Where is the Creamery located?

We are down Atwell’s Avenue on the West side of Providence. We are located in the old Mount Pleasant/Nature's Best Dairy building.

 Can I visit?

Generally, we are not open to the public due to RI Department of Health standards. We can make exceptions to this rule with enough prior notice for special circumstances and the press.

 Do we teach classes?

We offer two classes / year, usually during the summer months. The best way To stay abreast ofour class schedule (and to make sure you get a spot) is to be on our electronic mailing list (sign up at www.richeeses.com).

Are the cheeses made with raw milk?

All of our cheeses are made with pasteurized milk.

Where does our milk come from?

We buy milk from two dairy co-ops—one in Massachusetts and one in Vermont. The source our milk from local family owned dairy farms located in eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Do we make goat’s milk cheeses?

At this time, there isn’t legal goat or sheep’s milk available for us but we would LOVE to make goat and sheep cheeses. We highly recommend to all of our customers starting a goat or sheep dairy. We promise to be the first in line to buy milk from you.

What is the fat content of the cheeses?

All of our cheeses are made with unhomogenized, whole milk. The lowest fat cheeses are the fresher ones—Angelito, our yogurt, and Queso Fresco. The richer cheeses are the more aged ones—Atwell’s Gold, Divine Providence, etc. Email us for complete nutritional information on any of our cheeses.

Are the cheeses organic?

Our milk is certified hormone and antibiotic-free. We test all batches of milk that arrive at the Creamery. We also have pledges from all of our dairy farmers that they are not using rBGH or rBST on their herds.  The farmers have also gone to great lengths to improve the quality of life and comfort for their cows - free range stalls, pasture raising, sprinklers in the warm summer - all strides that allow happier cows to produce higher quality milk.  

Where can I find Narragansett Creamery cheeses other than at the farmers’ market?

We are in many stores throughout RI, MA, CT, and NY. Visit our website for the latest list of restaurant and retail locations.